Alhamdulillaah, By the Grace of Allaah The Almighty, Maktabatul Athariyyah have launched the production of digital audio CDs.


Lectures currently available (newest at top of list):


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The following titles have the same design as Rights Of The Parents title above

Rights Of The Spouses - By Abu Sufyaan 'Abdul Kareem McDowell

The Right Of Allaah & His Messenger Is Obedience To Them Part 1 & 2 - By Abu Khadeejah

The Right Of The Prophet Upon Us Part 1 & 2 - By Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis


The CDs are £2.50 each
(All profits go to Da'wah)




All CD lectures are available at the Friday and Saturday Classes, which are held at:

(from 7.30pm)
Hostel lounge, Durning hall complex,
Earlham Grove, Forest Gate,
London, E7 9AB


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